Adios, Justin & Mateo

What began as a filthy fantasy ended a few days ago when I wrote "The End." Like most of my stories, I couldn't stop writing about them, and of course, they fell in love.

This ven diagram says it all, lol. So, most of you are well aware that I’m a slow burn author. For my readers who aren’t hardcore into romance, what that means is I typically only have one sex scene per novel. It’s my preference to have a slow buildup, so when the main characters finally do the deed, it’s because of love. With The Confessions series, the opposite took place. Justin and Mateo were scorching the sheets from the get go. This is why the author of this book is my alter ego, Luke Jameson. He’s kinda filthy, KWIM? But the ending, which I’m not sharing, is different than my usual books. They do have a happy ever after, so don’t fear that.

Me hard at work.

Currently I’m outlining the final book in the Southern Discomfort series. I never ask for people’s help plotting my work. But, if you have a favorite trope you’d like me to write, leave a comment. And what I mean is, do you love May/December romance, or opposites attract? Whatever it is you love to read, let me know. FYI- my favorite trope is second chances.

Justin’s latest book and the boxset of the entire collection are exclusively available at my personal bookstore until September 20, 2022. Afterward, it will be available at all major online booksellers. Remember, when you buy directly from me I get a higher royalty, which allows me to keep writing full-time, and buys me the occasional beer. Love you guys!

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