About Justin…

Catedral de Guadalajara

I’m currently working on the final installment of the Confessions series, Justin’s Ecstasy. I was recently asked about my inspiration for the series, because I normally write romance. Yes, there are romantic elements to the series, and Father Mateo and Justin will have a happy ever after, but what provoked me to write about these two is different than usual.

A shrine to Mary I pass on my morning walk.

First, I’m surrounded by catholicism. There are several enormous cathedrals within walking distance, and shrines like the one pictured above are all over the city. I see members of the clergy and nuns strolling around daily, and last year I saw a handsome priest who took my breath away. He had dark, curly hair, and a smile so brilliant it made my heart skip a beat. Within hours I knew I had to write about him, and Father Mateo emerged from my psyche.

This provoked memories of an affair I had with a priest many years ago. I rarely speak of it, but perhaps it left me with a fetish for clergy? Anyhow, on September 20, 2022 Justin’s Ecstasy will be published, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey of writing about these two. You can preorder Justin’s ecstasy from the bookstore of your choice by clicking here. My books are available at all major bookstores, plus my personal bookstore.

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